Past Life Regression Therapy

many lives many mastersI trained directly with Brian Weiss, M.D., ( the noted psychiatrist, who wrote Many Lives, Many Masters, Through Time Into Healing and other books on Past-Life Regressions, but it’s my own direct, personal experience that empowers and informs my work.

Both my sister and husband died and then came back to me, so I believe deeply in the eternal validity of the soul. If you, too, believe that you have a soul and that a soul is eternal, or if you believe that a part of you lives on after you die, then having a “past-life” should make perfect sense.

Accessing these “other lives” allows us to gain perspective on relationships or serious problems in this lifetime. Are these lives real? While that is a question pure science can’t answer yet, many people’s personal experiences just like mine compel us to believe there is a core of validity to the idea of “past lives.”

Is there scientific proof? Not yet. No one can “prove” that you once had a life as a great Chinese warrior, and maybe no one ever will. But if by accessing qualities of strength, valor, and fearlessness emanating directly from your own core-self helps you through a crisis of today, then it’s precisely what your “subconscious” mind needs to hear now.

How do I work?

In Past-Life Regression therapy, I act as a cosmic tour guide. First, you decide on a problem or a situation that you want to investigate. The choice is always yours.

Then I help you achieve a mild state of hypnosis – you are always conscious – and then I ask you a series of questions based on what you’re seeing and feeling in your mind’s eye – it’s very interactive. (That’s why it’s difficult to achieve good results with a pre-programmed CD or tape.)

You are completely aware of your surroundings at all times – once again, you are always conscious. Everyone’s brain works differently. Everyone’s experience is unique. You might experience the past-life as a vivid memory, and then will be able to see, hear, and experience the lifetime that might hold the key to a current physical or emotional problem or help you to answer a perplexing question. It’s not at all scary, it’s actually quite entertaining. It’s like watching a movie, only you’re inside the movie, and guess what?

You’re the star!  What could be more fun?

The sessions last at least two hours. According to Brian Weiss MD, it takes about six to seven sessions to achieve the most dramatic, long-lasting results.

** Disclaimer – Individual Results May Vary.  Hypnotherapy treatments are not a substitute for medical diagnosis and treatment, and no medical claims are made regarding these treatments. People with serious conditions should consult their doctor.